Lead Engineer - Industrial Engineer 1A

Company Name:
TTi Global
Lead Engineer - Industrial Engineer
Responsible for analyzing complex manpower, material, machine and floor space requirements
Assignments are of a difficult nature involving a considerable amount of creativity and initiative while working under the general direction of a supervisor. Coordinate the work of a small group of employees
Develops, analyzes, and presents project information
Provides information for various management systems
Coordinates implementation of projects
Develops programs for effective cost control
Regular contact with others outside the work group
Conducts special studies
Recommends new methods of operation and work standards
Provide technical ergonomics resource support for current and future model programs to Plants and Product Engineering
Assist in establishing operational methods and work standards that correspond to operator work capacities
Analyze existing operations and propose cost-justified improvements including consideration of operator capabilities
Assist in planning new facilities, operations, and/or relocation of operations
Provide information to and maintain various ergonomics management systems for reporting and documentation purposes
Qualifications -internal
High level of oral and written communication skills
High level of analytical ability where the problems are unusual and difficult
High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others
Knowledge of functional relations within plant or division
Advanced knowledge of work measurement techniques
Knowledge of manufacturing and assembly processes
Education and Training
Bachelor degree in Industrial, Mechanical, or Ergonomics engineering or equivalent training
Masters degree
Proficient computer skills including MS Access and WEB applications, preferred

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